10 Best Coffee Houses On ‘Coffee Street’, Nimmanhaemin Road

Over the past decade the kilometre-long Nimmanhaemin Road has blossomed into Chiang Mai’s most vibrant strip, a hip and magnetic locale boasting an array of excellent dining, entertaining and shopping options. There’s something else it has in highly appealing numbers: coffee shops.

And not just your moribund environment, bland product coffee shops, but highly stylised, cool establishments redolent of the Thai coffee beans – many procured from upland areas in Chiang Mia and Chiang Rai – that coffee lovers find so compelling and easy on the wallet.

Much of the coffee consumed along Nimmanhaemin Road is the arabica variety, the result of an explosion in the number of arabica plantations in the 1970s, when the Thai government realised it needed to replace the traditional opium crops grown by hill tribes with an alternative crop.

The high altitude, temperate climate and ideal soil conditions have produce beans with a buzz, especially when combined with adroit baristas, the aforementioned milieu and Thailand’s famed hospitality.

Nimmanhaemin Road is a shining light illuminating the country’s rich coffee shop culture. But with so many choices, finding the best outlet can be like throwing a dart at a dartboard blindfolded. Allow us the remedy the situation.

To help coffee lovers navigate their way in stimulating area, we will introduce you to:


Doi Chaang Coffee House is named after the Doi Chaang village, a mountainous community in Chiang Rai and one of the world’s premium arabica regions. Spacious with a laidback elegance, Doi Chaang Coffee House serves up creations with well-balanced flavours that impress seasoned baristas. It has free WiFi and an upstairs meeting room.

Libraista is one of Chiang Mai’s most sophisticated coffee shops, featuring four sections: a very cool library with English and Thai books, an indoor lounge, an outdoor garden and an upstairs meeting room. Purchasing something gives you two hours of quiet library time and an hour of free WiFi. The coffee is strong and flavoursome, while the iced drinks are also excellent.

Doppio Ristr8to boasts several single-origin global bean sources, while it uses Ristretto for all its hot coffee, which has a full body and an aroma that teases with elegance. The caramel favour is acidic. Coffee is the dominant offering, with food a distant second. The atmosphere is amped, the WifFi free.

Luvv Café radiates a chilled-out vibe. It has big tables or single tables and the free WiFi has a strong, fast signal. Comfortable sofas provide a great base to get some serious work done. The coffee is great.

Marble Arch is one of Chiang Mai’s most upmarket coffee houses. The Brti-themed décor is smart and the atmosphere relaxed. It has excellent coffee, fast internet, good tables with plugs, a snack selection and air con. It’s also quiet.

9th Street Café and Bar is a stylish establishment gleaming with a contemporary, dimly lit look. It’s a popular hangout for student from Chiang Mai University, but it is not loud. The hushed environment is conducive to getting work done or relaxing.

Coffee Bar is a popular place for young Thais in particular. They tend to hang out there a long time, taking advantage of the mellow, no-rush ambiance. It has an appealing rusticated look and a happening front garden area.

Happy Hut boasts a sumptuous signature menu that includes ham and cheese roti and snacks. The Wifi is free and fast. In keeping with its name, the décor is bright and cheery.

Wawee Café is a chain of coffee houses in Thailand’s big cities. It has an array of breakfast meals, appetisers, Thai food and pancakes. It also has a wide range of hot and cold coffee and baked goods.

Pai Yan Yai Coffee offers a quiet and cool atmosphere and excellent service. It appears small from the outside, but is fitted with many seats without being cramped. It has WiFi and plugs. The coffee is tasty and there are snacks and more substantial food.



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