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Enjoy your personalize diving trip from a selection of Phuket’s most well known diving sites. This activity is suitable for all divers and each diving site are guaranteed an enjoyable scenic coral reefs and swim along a pool of colorful fish.


Experience the most popular dive site in Phuket that is covered with soft coral and sponges that are constantly surrounded by fish of any shape, size and color. The name “Shark Point” is derived from laidback leopard sharks and they can be seen very often near this diving site. Currents can be brisk but run parallel with the reef sections and therefore allow for excellent drift diving.



The King Cruiser is a big old Japanese car-ferry that ran on a reef sank in May 1997 with no casualty. Wrecks have their own attraction and since it is relatively new, coral growth is only just starting but there is plenty of marine life.



A gentle drift diving suitable for divers who have not gone diving often with mainly hard fringed reefs and numerous friendly fish. East diving with clear water and a good variety of marine life.



The dive covers a stretch of rocky finer down to 30m. The site is perfect for multi level diving with the shallower regions offering large colorful coral blocks surrounded by reef fish. The rocks are covered with soft corals and anemone. Barracudas, resident bullet head parrotfish and stingrays are usually spotted here.



True to its name, the Anemone Reef diving site is filled with the living sea anemones. The dive is a single large submerged rock, which lies less than a mile north of Shark Point. Anemone reef is special for lionfish that sometimes travel in a group of twelve or more. In addition to this scenery, constant parade of reef fish has definitely made this a very colorful dive site.



It includes wall dives, caves and caverns as well as shallow coral gardens. Colossal monoliths rise from the sea and tower over the sky. It is a large habitat of colorful billfish wrasses and lunar tail groupers.


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Fantastic resort - the only place I've stayed that actually looks like the pictures online. Incredible resort, beautiful beach and unbelievably helpful and friendly staff. Well worth the longer trip from the airport!
- by Martin Grünert -
This place won't be secret for long! Fantastic beach club concept on Phuket's best beach. A paradise!
- by Michael Sawyer -
Nice hotell with a great breakfast. High quality service and staff. Dont miss out on the cocktail night with free drinks and canapes.
Will definatly return if we go back to Phuket!
- by Petter Björkestam -
Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Akyra family for making us feel so welcomed. If you are in Phuket, definitely stay here. We will be going back!
- by Deborah Murcia Uyuğ -
The closest thing to paradise... away from the hustle and bustle and located in a beautiful sandy beach and crystal clear water. A resort the ideal place to relax and unwind.
- by María Ro -